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We can give clients excellent clarity into their business, their future, their competitors and their strategy. We are recognised evangelists in the creation of the best information environments.


Excellent partners

"... it’s been truly a pleasure working with you ... thank you for all your work and endlessly positive attitude"



Matthew Lea

Founder / Managing DirectorMatt Lea


Experienced professionals

We are a small and growing business focused on providing the best modelling solutions and strategic advice to our clients. We are innovative, accurate, and create highly efficient solutions.


Matthew Lea

Founder / Managing Director

  • Over 10 years experience in modelling, strategy, analysis and financial management
  • In-depth sector experience with key market players: mid-market private equity, retail financial services, energy, online retail marketing and telecoms
  • Covers both the financial and commercial sides of business - gaining co-operation and interaction between them to enhance revenues and profit
  • Expert in business simulation and modelling
  • Builds Excel models from a blank piece of paper, including expert VBA (unassisted freehand), to whatever level of simplicity or complexity your project needs.
  • Degrees and training in Economics, Law & French Law, accounting, linguistics.
  • Lived in the US, Australia, France and the UK, travelled extensively in Asia. Fluent in French and is learning Mandarin.
  • Has a useful combination of real business experience, deep analytical skills, assured, creative and very efficient modelling techniques that bring as much as possible out of MS Excel, the ability to program independently in VBA; all combining to bring the key service of leafinstrat - delivering the most intelligent, accurate and simple to use solutions.


I work as needed with highly capable individuals selected from my network, who I know can deliver what my clients need, when they need it:

  • Modellers: Flexible, intelligent and focused, they have extensive capabilities in MS Excel, Access and other systems
  • Project Managers: Highly experienced with backgrounds in financial services


We're expanding, and relish every opportunity to work with interesting firms that can benefit from our skills and knowledge.