leafinstrat - capital planning, cashflow forecasting, liquidity forecasting

We have proven historical success in clarifying and forecasting the cash, capital and liquidity environment and providing for change


Confidence and stability

We have worked successfully in fully accountable roles managing cash, capital and liquidity, so we know what it needs to do it well.




Our experience has led us to create, enhance and manage forecasting tools to allow you to see as far ahead, in as much detail as you need


Greater certainty in cash and capital

We can help you create a clearer, more accurate and more detailed understanding of your cash and capital management environments.

We have extensive experience in accurately analysing and predicting cash requirements for all kinds of businesses - from day to day cash needs for small businesses through to major capital requirements and sources for investment firms.

We can build forecasts and analysis from scratch, creating easy to use, highly interactive and easily navigated information that is usefully presented. Naturally, we also audit, repair and enhance pre-existing models.

We also build revealing stress-tests to enhance your risk management, providing whatever scenario permutations are useful to your business - we are specialists in this variable-rich type of work, and experts at identifying strengths and weaknesses on the cash and capital sides of your business.