leafinstrat - commercial modelling

Our proven commercial capabilities with highly successful firms give you the most accurate, forward-thinking services on the market. We enjoy helping clients find winning tactics and strategies.


Online marketing

"...significantly enhanced our ability to deliver extraordinary gains in our online marketing, contributing intelligent and digestible analysis, plus pragmatic and useful commercial input"



Clear analysis

"... numerous assignments, each time bringing the same clear analysis and modelling that made decision-making easier"


Commercial intelligence

We understand the absolute importance of the revenue-generating edge, from basic sales up to full-blown strategy, and all layers between.

We specialise in providing specific, tailored solutions to enhance your business capability.

We have always worked in highly commercial areas, partnering with business heads and commercial leaders, focused on delivering key objectives to the business. We always maintain focus on what is important to you - from profit growth, revenue growth, customer acquisition through to less defined areas like sector penetration and share of voice - and we know how to present this information to all stakeholders to get the results you need.


Successful projects include:

Digital marketing (PPC optimisation)
Highly successful project that led us to develop an unprecedented framework of real-time total market visibility, competitor activity and response. This remains extremely uncommon.
Customer targetting matrices
Quantifying customer groups by NPV vs risk and identifying exactly where to focus direct marketing efforts
Customer default prediction
Develop accurate model for predicting customer defaults, allowing proactive program to protect revenues
Competitive gains
Produce practical competitor analysis and research to identify linkages, full SWOT analysis with other commercial analyses, tactical programs to overcome issues
Multiple forecasts at levels of detail from daily to quarterly, covering durations from one month to 10 years, and all periods in between. Detail varies from ultra-high to broadbrush.
Investor reviews
Full strategic reviews for investors, preparation of associated presentations including total market reviews
Market targetting
Identifying and quantifying value of market segments, building framework forecasts for penetration
Global market reviews
Total market reviews with full preview of future performance


Our real business experience, economic understanding and financial ability give us confidence we can rapidly understand your business, and deliver excellent tailored and specific solutions to you.

We have worked on all phases of product and investment lifecycle - from business development and venture preview to mature businesses winding down on an optimal profitability course, switching product streams as technology advances.

We are well-schooled in making the most of your information environment to give you the best and least effort set of tools to drive your competitive edge. As a natural part of our process, we also identify other projects that could give you performance leaps.

We reduce complexity, provide innovative and creative solutions where useful, and make everything we create work repeatedly, and faster. Our forecasts are as accurate as possible, and under constant development to enhance them (we look to the underlying behaviours, not just trends, and we provide tools for your own teams to do this).

We present the results of this persuasively to ensure your audience quickly gains full understanding of your message.

Our commercial acumen tied with our financial capabilities means we have an exceptional capability to assist you with your most important objectives.