leafinstrat - what makes us different

We cut our teeth working for highly successful firms in the most rigorous, forward-thinking analytical environments. We personally made clear important contributions to extremely rapid growth and change.


Exceptional experience

We have worked successfully in multiple sectors and countries in numerous roles, alongside the full spectrum from analyst to CEO.



Exceptional environments

The companies we have worked with are and have ranged from extremely successful incredibly high-growth firms through to the most admired firms in the world. We've taken our lessons from these and we apply them directly in our business.


We have exceptional experience in exceptional environments


Our distinctive style and approach stems from our background and training in highly successful businesses and extremely busy high growth environments. We have been key and influential elements of excellent and highly successful teams, and can rapidly understand exactly what is needed to deliver better results in your firm.


How we work:

    Pragmatic and practical - we deliver the valuable benefits of key objectives first

    Build for constant change - our models are easy to adapt and run repeatedly

    Accurate, rigorous and careful - our techniques massively reduce risk and time

    Involved and learning - more intelligent solutions by knowing your business

    Credible and influential - useful and persuasive story and numbers

    Robust and secure - we build for the long-term, and provide for the short term


Our approach:

    Flexible and adaptable - we optimise to your real-life context

    Thoughtful, insightful and experienced - applying our real business experience

    Minimalist with a light touch - simplicity is key

    Innovative and creative - overcoming challenges to give you the most useful solution

    Drive self-sufficiency - we give your people our tools and training

    Fresh view - every circumstance is unique, first principles as needed