leafinstrat - financial modelling

Our mix of modelling and economic expertise, commercial experience and strategic knowledge position us uniquely to offer exceptional results


Saving time and resource

"...brought an extra dimension to our forecast modelling capability, reducing run times massively on our in-house system and allowing us to rapidly produce multiple scenarios for a varied audience of third parties and internal management, plus free up our analytical resource to focus on other requirements"




"...successfully project-managed a capital funding project, which involved working closely with all aspects of our business"


Smart financials

We specialise in providing specific, tailored solutions to enhance your business capability.

We create financial modelling and analysis from all viewpoints - commercial, financial, capital planning, investment analysis and decision, and fundraising.

We present the results of this persuasively to ensure your audience quickly gains full understanding of your message.


Our areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)
  • Budgeting
  • Financial forecasting models, rolling financial forecasts
  • Scenario creations (multiple, any permutation, easy to use outputs)
  • Capital planning, cashflow forecasting, liquidity forecasting
  • Investment and portfolio analysis
  • Clarity in metrics - IRR, NPV, DCF, the full set of financial analytical metrics
  • Application of these to business as usual, challenged environments, business development, high growth, restructuring
  • Strategic scenarios - SWOT, environmental and competitor analysis, everything useful to development and competition
  • Economic analysis, sector performance
  • Risk management
  • Tools to monitor and compare ongoing performance


Our clients praise repeatedly our extremely high level of skill and rigour, our business-like and pragmatic approach, and our ability to bring complex matters to simple representations.

We audit, validate and enhance existing work, build on new components, build new versions from scratch, and create innovative models to meet your needs. We are very happy to talk about your needs, and can offer you valuable options and possibilties.

We have done this for small and large businesses, start-ups seeking financing, mid-market private equity through to FTSE 100 corporations, thus giving us significant skill and acquired knowledge in providing the appropriate level of detail and modelling to help you enhance your business environment.

Accurate and precise representation of your interests is vital to a healthy information environment, so we build prepared for change - making everything we do appropriately flexible and controllable, with simple to use methods for multiple scenarios and stress-testing.

Our proprietary techniques mean we can give you an appropriate and useful solution from a range covering quick hit tactical models through to a total review of a situation from all angles, to long-term models for ongoing use operated by your staff.

All of our financial modelling work is built to be as easy to use as possible, highly useful, to endure, and to be precise and accurate.

We work rapidly to provide what you need as quickly as possible.

We cut our teeth forecasting full financials and commercial metrics for very high detail businesses over extremely long future periods, in the most rigorous analytical environments in business. Since that baptism we have continued in the same vein, applying the lessons learned and building on our skills.

Our real business experience in extremely busy environments, with full accountability for the results, means we know exactly what it takes to deliver, and how to get there.