We deliver intelligent, innovative solutions to our clients to improve their competitive edge in the way most effective to them


Combining skills

We have extensive experience, training and education in multiple fields, and bring these together to achieve sophisticated results with simple communications



Driving results

Our track record of delivering to clients what they need, and guiding them to choices that can benefit them, has made us valuable partners in diverse business campaigns


Intelligent additions

We are a London based consulting firm delivering powerful and useful financial modelling, commercial modelling, investment analysis and strategic advice, with attractive and persuasive presentation. Additionally, we are expert trainers and can pass these skills on to you.

We bring to you in-depth experience in mid-market private equity, financial services, energy and telecoms, having worked with small to large firms, and those growing in between.

We rapidly form excellent working relationships, accelerating the delivery of excellent results, drawing on our multi-cultural exposure and excellent links to Europe, the UK, the USA, Asia and Australasia.

Our specialities include forecasting, analysis and making complex information manageable and usable to everyone in a firm who can benefit, from top to bottom.

Our primary tools are MS Excel and Access - they're cheap, immensely capable, and present in most firms. We have exposure to a huge variety of other systems, and an expert grasp of how to manage information and IT.


We work intelligently to make sure our client's experience is as clean and simple as possible.