leafinstrat - investment analysis, investment appraisal and portfolio analysis

Our specialities include highly automated forecasting environments that allow rapid and simple production of complex scenario analyses


Multiple scenarios

We can create analysis, forecasts, systems and networked views for fast and robust analysis, with any amount of scenarios and variables




Because we are experts in financial modelling in Excel, we can create extremely fast tools backed by unique VBA to deliver rapid answers


Lightening analysis

We can assist you by creating a set of investment analysis tools that are easy to use, fully understandable, and completely reliable. We can also audit and enhance your existing tools to help you focus on your core business.

We have direct experience in many types of investment analysis - new business ventures, from start-up to in-house product/service and market development, venture and private equity deals, to capital investment programs and all types of investment portfolios.

We create forecasting tools that penetrate as deeply into detail as you need over whatever time horizon is appropriate, giving full and inter-linked cashflows, balance sheets and p&ls, with all associated metrics and backing, including NPVs, IRRs, investment comparisons and decision tools.

We build models that are highly accurate, monitor performance and adjust to circumstance by previewing the likely change areas and preparing for them.

For investment firms, additional perspectives such as the management view and deal team view are natural and simple additions.

We build in the multiple-outcome views required by the typical base case / upside / downside case structure of forecasts, and link these into sector macro forecasting as needed, to create the best possible forward view.

Exceptionally, we offer proprietary techniques to switch the metrics under focus - i.e. switching between NPVs, IRRs, cashflow and so on as desired. This can help you optimise along your timeline between the different drivers and metrics that are key at any given point in time, allowing you to optimise to cashflow in one period, then p&l results in the next, and so on.