leafinstrat - our portfolio

Our contributions have injected structure, clarity and confidence for action into our clients, helping position them for ongoing commercial successes



We make sure to run through our clients' intentions, vision, needs and state of play to make sure we can accurately and rapidly input our skills




The expertise we have allows us to apply ourselves to wide-ranging fields. The common elements are the modelling and analysis techniques we use.


Successful projects

We have worked consistently with key market players and firms that have won significance through competitive success, learning valuable lessons along the way. We straddle the financial and commercial sides, and feel comfortable advising to optimise both.

We make sure to deliver what you need, and are inventive as needed to work around issues. We check in daily with our objectives and timelines, and make sure we're always working optimally with your money.

Our focus as presented here is on the tools and models we provide - note one of our basic principles is that to get to these and make them appear simple, we infuse our wealth of commercial and strategic understanding into every aspect of every project we undertake.

Private Equity (mid-market)  
Capital and cash planning tools Rich and interactive capital, cashflow and liquidity forecasting for European business, including all financing instruments, daily detail over 180 day horizon
Financial forecasts P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow over periods up to 5 years
Deal modelling Group internal corporate finance activity, support to external deals, financing deals
Online Retail (private equity portfolio)  
Corporate finance Assist management team with a capital funding project
Strategic and business modelling Advise, automate and enhance accuracy of existing tools
Marketing strategy Analyse and enhance paid digital search term structure and strategy
Revenue forecasting Design and build predictive customer behaviour model for short and long-term buying patterns and revenues
Retail Financial Services  
Joint venture and merger projects Create financial models and provide analysis
Business development Provide advice, project analysis, customer targeting and marketing strategy, plus all associated financials for new business lines. Give commercial advice and leadership on strategy and lines on business.
Forecasting Create fast, highly automated and accurate rolling 5 year p&l forecast models
Enhancing intelligence Link marketing NPVs with P&L forecast to provide unprecedented, comprehensive drill-down view
Analytical tools Automate tools for customer risk analysis, profitability analysis, marketing NPV and customer targetting
Scenario tools Create tools for stress-testing and scenario analysis on balance sheet, currency exchange, liquidity and funding needs
Negotiation tools Create remote, real-time deal negotiating NPV tool for with-client offsite discussions
Global reviews Create global market business planning and analysis tools
Smart debtor management Build intelligent toolset for monitoring debtor exposure
Strategic forecasting Implement a group-wide 5 year detailed forecasting and modelling strategic tool
Interactive modelling Provide deep multi-variable models for analysis of broadband pricing, Local Loop Unbundling and Information & Communication Technology programs
Analytical tools Enhance and operate corporation-wide product and service profitability tool
Project Management Design and create automated project management tools


We are very happy to discuss our experience, the firms involved, and how our history prepares us exceptionally well to work with you.