leafinstrat - our services

We offer tailored solutions from one-off tactical models through to full information ecosystems - all designed to enhance our clients' ability to deliver on their key objectives


Modelling specialists

We have created, enhanced and developed all kinds of models and associated presentations, from small to large businesses, from portfolio management to debtor management.



Fast and reliable

We pride ourselves on delivering what you need as quickly as possible - we are diligent with the detail, but know how and what to deliver to meet key objectives


How we can assist you

We are specialists in modelling for business and finance in MS Excel and Access. We improve existing systems and models, or build from scratch as needed, and everything in between to serve you best.

Our solutions are tailored to your environment, and are always adaptable to change. They are as simple as possible to use, and powerful and revealing to make a real difference to your business.

We can manage projects from small one-off tactical models, such as the impact of a new marketing campaign, through to the implementation of an entire ecosystem of models and analysis to deliver massive competitive advantage and clarity.

We work with all kinds of organisations, from start-ups to large corporates and private equity firms, applying our intelligent principles in the most efficient way for the circumstances.

Our key market is small to medium sized firms looking for competitive advantage.


Here is how we can help you:

Financial modelling - accurate and comprehensive

Commercial modelling - driving revenue, profit and vision

Strategy & consulting - enhancing understanding and driving action

Capital & cashflow - making the most of your cash and previewing your needs

Investment & portfolio analysis - practical and useful solutions


Training - unique and powerful, tailored to individuals and teams