leafinstrat - strategy and consulting

We are experienced in all types of work, including new business ventures, start-ups, private equity deals, and acknowledged for our presentation skills


Tacticians and strategists

We work hard to identify the key elements in your needs that will give you the maximum benefit




Because we have significant experience working on the front line in accountable roles, we know how to implement the thinking to get results


Intelligent, simple and accurate solutions

Our expertise in forecasting and analysis combined with our real business experience can give you commercially valuable perspectives and insights into the information around you, plus access to information and people you may not yet have considered - vital in a digital economy where digital marketing techniques and online activities can accelerate small players to significant competitive status in a brief period of time.

We hold a deep belief that you are better equipped to run your business and compete successfully when your environment is transparent and understandable, and the mass of information you deal with is made as simple as possible.

We are equipped to deliver the tools and advice to you that can illuminate your competitive environment and internal workings, so that you can clearly decide on strategy.

With many successful projects completed, we are confident we can help you better understand the environment you work in, or assist in implementing your important projects.

We have a proven ablity to enter firms and rapidly become aware of the strategy, methods, people and objectives driving the environment. We build the right relationships to make sure our assistance to you is integrated and delivered as quickly and effectively as possible.

We have worked on the cutting edge of numerous areas, including digital marketing, information-driven marketing and have an extensive network of contacts and information to call in for additional input.

Above all, we are noted for immensely enjoying our contribution to our clients' successes - especially in highly competitive fields.

With fast work, we aim to help enhance your business as rapidly as possible.


We suggest you also review our commercial modelling page for information on our real business successes.