leafinstrat - Excel training and sharing our skills

The people we train frequently report back on the huge differences our unique, tailored and personal training make. We achieve this through an exceptional combination of extraordinary skills, dedication to success and attention to people.


Tailored training

To ensure each individual benefits immediately, and into the long term



Knowledge transfer

To ensure that the skills needed to manage the models and solutions we provide are injected into your firm


Highly effective and individual Excel training

We take an involved and co-operative approach to training, and work very hard to create dramatic improvements in your capabilities and your working environment. Each individual receives one on one attention, and a personalised program. We follow up.

Our proprietary, absolutely non-standard Excel training sessions are excellent value for money.

We identify what could benefit you the most in your circumstances, and create a tailored approach to each individual to transfer skills and overcome challenges in the shortest possible time, with the longest possible effect.

People of all levels of skill are appropriate - from first-time Excel users, to graduate trainees, to highly advanced Excel users.

Our programs teach you:

  • Managing information and using it to inform and persuade
  • Excel, from A to Z
  • VBA - and not just recording macros - advanced programming
  • How to model
  • How to automate (and what to automate)
  • How to make it robust, dependable, safe, simple
  • How to work rapidly, and build for more rapid work
  • How to make your work attractive and easy to follow

We believe in charming people through training, with as much charisma as we can muster, and apply techniques that get results. We've picked up this talent through being excellent at using Excel and knowing how to communicate that, and sneakily applying neuro-linguistic programming techniques. We pass the benefits of our own excellent training on to you.

This diligence and effort pays off - we are rated as excellent by the huge majority of people we have trained. And never less than "very good".